- Cold start to 100% steam in 3-5 minutes
- Less than half the size of traditional steam boilers
- Up to 90% thermal efficiency with economizer option
- Fully automated: unmanned operations capability
- Remotely operable by WiFi, Ethernet, GSI (cellular), iPhone, or iPad
- CVE Unit: entire boiler plant skid mounted and customized per application
- Factory support & system monitoring 24/7/365 days a year
- Air insulated: Warm to the touch at 100% full fire

Case Studies

Yards Brewing Company

Proctor and Gamble


Economizer CERTECON for Universal

CERTUSS America BrochureAdditional Information

CVE - CERTUSS Verified Equipment

CERTUSS America BrochureAdditional Information

The equipment would need to supply a facility of 100,000 barrels annual minimum capacity and expandable up to 250,000 barrels with a steam production requirement of 16 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Yards Brewing Co. currently produces 16 different ales.

2 Universal TC2000 Natural Gas with 128 BHP each, as well as a CERTUSS Supply Unit CVE (ready provided for a further expansion with a Junior TC 400 with 26 BHP).

In August 2016, CERTUSS America was invited to tender for the Yards Brewing project. The detail of the scope of supply and commissioning concerned the planned moving of Yards Brewing into their new location.  The moving was considered necessary as the existing location did not allow the planned expansion, with a minimum requirement of redoubling the existing capacity.  Likewise, Yards was eager to increase the production efficiency. Moving and supply of he equipment had to be carefully planned, in order to foresee a brief period of overlap to ensure a consistent supply of the highly demanded Yards ales to the market, taking into consideration that part of the old equipment (such as the keg filler, bottle filler, and fermentation vessels) would be further used, whereas the brewhouse, the outdoor CCT’s, filters and yeast handling, as well as the canning line
would be notably new.

The equipment would need to supply a min. of 100,000 barrels/year facility, with a fuel supply of natural gas and steam production requirement of 16 hours a day, 5 days a week.  The complete equipment is in a line, with space allotted for the third generator. The steam produced serves all applications, out of which approx. 80% is consumed in the brewhouse and the rest almost equally shared between cold-block CIP and the keg line.

Installation is scheduled for June 2017.

Head Brewer of Yards Brewing Company, Mr. Tim Roberts stated that, “besides the efficiency of the units, we really liked the small footprint, modular design, and the ability to replace the heat exchanger on the units in case of problems.”

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Standard running Load demand of 1650 lb/hr, peak load of 3300 lb/hr. 24/7 operations.

Production of perfumes and aftershaves.

2 x Universal TC1000 with 67 HP Natural Gas Fired (Duty/Duty Stand-by)

In May 2013 CERTUSS UK Ltd were invited to tender for a project by Proctor & Gamble at their Seaton Delaval production facility.
Tender details were to supply and commission an N+1 Containerized Steam Generator facility, complete with condensate return pumping station. The equipment required capable of meeting the standard running load demand of 1650 lb/hr, with an ability to cope
on a duty basis with a peak load of 3300lb/hr. Steam production would be required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  CERTUSS offered the following equipment:

2 x 1000kg/hr Natural Gas fired CERTUSS TC Steam Generators (Duty/Duty stand-by)
2 x CERTUSS Package Plant Modules
2 x CERTUSS condensate return pumping stations
1 x CERTUSS Container Module – 472.5”x98.5”x130” (LWH)
Automatic Operation
 CERTUSS Interface Facility

With the CERTUSS Generator offering a fuel to steam efficiency of >93% and an ability to raise full steam capacity in circa 3-5 minutes, along with reduced maintenance and inspection periods, P&G decided that this was the best option for them, when compared to a conventional boiler facility. In June 2014, CERTUSS received an order for the supply of the equipment with full commissioning of the plant taking place in April 2015.

P&G was founded in the US in 1837 by two men who met by chance.  William Procter and James Gamble were from England and Ireland respectively and were on separate journeys through the United States when the challenges of travel led both of them to Cincinnati.  They might never have met had they not married sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris, whose father convinced them to become business partners.  In 1837, a humble but bold new enterprise called Procter & Gamble was born. What began as a small, family oriented soap and candle company grew and thrived, inspred by P&G’s Purpose of providing products and services of superior quality and value. P&G is now worldwide.

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Biggest Hospital in Krefeld, Germany

Improving efficiency and replacing two old boilers.

Various sterilization, laundering and other processes requiring steam.

After 5 years of construction, the Hospital in Krefeld was finished in 2014. It now ranks among the most modern hospitals in Germany.  Home of maximal care with more than 1000 beds, the hospital in Krefeld is an outstanding medical center.  In 23 hospitals and 4 institutes, more than 2000 employees yearly take care of over 100,000 patients (both inpatients and outpatients).  A total of 15 CERTUSS Steam Generators have been installed for customers in Berlin, Erfurt, Herzberg, Schwerin, Borna, Hildesheim and Krefeld.  The previous boilers were over dimensioned after the number of stem consumers had been reduced.  The new system focus lay on efficiency, environmental protection, safety, and user friendliness.

3 CERTUSS Universal TC600 with each 40 BHP with CVE CERTUSS Verified Equipment
1 Junior 200 with 14 BHP
1 Junior 350 with 24 BHP

The center piece of the renewal is formed by the energy-saving and efficient steam generation through three CERTUSS Universal TC600 series with CVE supply unit.  Thanks to the use of the water-tube boiler principle, the CERTUSS technology offers a maximum in safety and availability of high-quality steam.  The CERTUSS gas burners with modulating output control, the innovative air preheating and the use of two stage burner technology ensure unbeatable advantaes in speed and efficiency.  Clean combustion air sucked in from above counteracts the trapped heat from the combustion chamber and the air circulation makes insulation material superfluous.  Thanks to the resulting combustion air preheating, a combustion-specific degree of efficiency that is unusually high for steam generators is achieved.  The system is supplied as a complete boiler house installation, with complete piping, with electrical sub-distributor, feed water tank, mixing heat exchanger, steam dryer, desalination cooler and all the accessories required for the steam system.  Thanks to its compact design, it was possible to integrate the complete system into the existing building so that a separate boiler room was not required.

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